Thill's Real-Time Weather Data

Niederpallen, Luxemburg

GPS: 49.757070,5.907045

24/09/2023 18:55:00

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Welcome to the Thill's Meteo Local Weather site

Since May 2019 my weather station is collecting data. The station is localized in Niederpallen (Luxemburg/EUROPE).

My Froggit Wh1080SE Station

The GPS coordinates are 49.757070, 5.907045

The station consists of a commercial weather station type Froggit WH1080SE, which can be obtained under various brand names and type designations in the trade.

This provides the measurement of temperature (outside and inside), air pressure (absolute and relative), relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed and rainfall.

Via the USB interface on the central unit, the measured values can be read out and processed further.

The reading, processing and presentation of the measured values is done by a Raspberry Pi 3+ together with the software weeWX. With Apache on the Raspberry, the data for the web browser is displayed retrievable.

Also my weather datas are automatically uploaded to popular weather sites including PWSweather, AWEAKS, Weathercloud and Wunderground.

Things to note while using this site:

On the main page you can see the most up to date data for the last time the page was updated, the site is updated every 5 minutes so the data can be up to 5 minutes old.  The graphs at the bottom of the page show the last 24 hours but the stats relating to the current data points are from 00:00:01 today.

Wind data on the main page, Wind: is a 5 minute average and Gust: is the highest wind speed during that 5 minutes

The Week, Month, Year pages show the graphs for the last 7 days from the current date, the last 30 days from the current date and the last 365 days back from the current date.  The stats for each page relate to the data points are Monday of this week, 1st of this month or 1st January this year.

To get full details of the collected data since May 2019 look on the archive page and you can find full detail for each month and year.

In the forecast page you can find forecasting weather provided from meteoblue.

This weather station and website provide very local information and should not be relied on for any planned activity.

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you found it helpful. If you are feeling generous, please consider a small donation to help keep the server running.